Technology for car wash facilities

One of the developments made by Hohmeier Anlagenbau is a vehicle conveyor with a modular plastic chain. This conveyor system is used for car wash facilities and for the vehicle preparation. Depreservation, removal of rust bloom, washing, interior cleaning and inspections, even with corrosive liquids, can be carried out on these conveyors without any risk. In public car wash facilities wheel rims are often damaged when the wheels are too close to the lateral tackles.

The design of the plastic chain conveyor excludes this problem. The lateral conveyor guidances are made of plastic and positioned in a low height so that even lowered cars can be transported without damage.

The accident risk for users and customers in car wash facilities is considerably reduced, as with our concept the persons can only walk on the moving chain and cannot be caught by a conveyor roller. We supply and install plastic chain conveyor with a width of 400 to 5000 mm and a length of up to 100 m. The design of the conveyor can be customized.

In most cases, existing conveyors with tackles and rollers can be rebuilt without any additional foundation work.

Our first installations have already reached an operational performance of more than 300,000 car washes. The maintenance efforts are considerably lower than with conventional drag chains. Since 2004 we have successfully commissioned more than 100 vehicle conveyors with a modular plastic chain with our customers.

Washing technology for the industrial sector

For the industrial sector, Hohmeier Anlagenbau GmbH supplies vehicle conveyor, washing, leak test and drying systems including complete water treatment, conveyor technology, cabins, lighting etc. according to the latest developments.

Moreover, Hohmeier plans and supervises the foundation and in-hall works.

Depending on the kind of inspection, the vehicles are transported through the sprinkler and washing zone with or without driver. The vehicles may have different degrees of pollution, partly caused by road use but also by salt soiling, insects etc.

The high-capacity gantry dryer with dual roof nozzle and flow-optimized nozzle geometry developed by Hohmeier ensures excellent drying results even with high vehicle throughput and is the key element of these plants.

Thanks to the continued development, this drying system has become a popular component for leak test systems as well as for vehicle preparation.

You can load the product sheet with the technical data of the Hohmeier plastic conveyor belts via the following link as PDF file.