Flat conveyors

Hohmeier succeeded in developing a flat conveyor providing a modular, flexible and easy installation. Our conveyors can be connected in series or operated autarkically. Within shortest time, they can be installed anywhere and displaced by means of our plug-and-play principle. Filled with dummies, a cost-efficient and adjustable layout with a very low construction height of only 120 mm is created.

Thanks to these modular flat conveyors, the workers can work in an upright position so that it is not necessary to walk along the moving car body. The flat conveyor serves as a solid and safe platform and additionally ensures the correct distance between the car body and the material which is required by the occupational health and safety instructions. The flat conveyors are made of modular plastic conveyors allowing an easy maintenance and a trouble-free replacement of worn and damaged elements.

In many cases, the speed of the flat conveyors was adjusted by means of an existing electric overhead conveyor or a skid conveyor. Ergonomics were improved and production was increased.

Parallel to the 2-track-plate conveyors the modular flat conveyors are not just a perfect alternative but also a useful supplement, as apart from improved ergonomics a considerable reduction of errors and thus of the total rework time is achieved. Depending on the service life, the corresponding investment is partly written off within several months under consideration of the annual profit and the depreciation amount.

With the new alternative design of the modular plastic chain with the raised rip surface any damage by small or assembly parts can be further reduced.

Hohmeier Anlagenbau has already supplied more than 250 modular flat conveyors and more than 1000 modular dummies to automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen Group, BMW Group or Daimler AG.

Hohmeier Assembly and Inspection belts

In addition to the concept of the modular Flat Conveyor Hohmeier plastic conveyors have been used for a long time as large mobile platforms for the vehicle assembly to transport vehicles and production staff or for vehicle preparation and interior cleaning.

These large-scale flat conveyors can be assembled on floor level or elevated and they are equipped with ramps and platforms for optimal accessibility. Any additional foundation works are avoided by the low total height of 180 to 400 mm depending on length and load.

You can load the product sheet with the technical data of the Hohmeier flat conveyors via the following link as PDF file.